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You’re a Seller – why work with a Realtor?

This is a new real estate world – resources surround you as a seller with on-line tools such as Zillow, Realtor.com, Craig’s List, etc…why do you need a Realtor? There are several reasons you could benefit from the use of a local Realtor/agent from Land Consulting Services:

  • Local expertise – It is the job of a Realtor to be in tune with and understand the local market. National trends may not apply to our corner of Michigan and local expertise will help you value your property and provide insight and facts to help support.
  • Network – Over 30 years of real estate experience provides an excellent network and long-standing relationships in the area – your Realtor has a list of clients that may be interested in your property.
  • Advertising – this expense will be assumed by your listing Realtor – MLS listing system, property signs, newspaper, social media, website resources are all used to drive awareness and traffic to your property.
  • Realtor code of ethics – Realtors work for you and are required to attend ethics training every year to ensure understanding and commitment to a code of ethics. You should never have to worry that your Realtor is dividing his or her loyalty between you and a buyer, without your informed and written consent.
  • Relationships – Your local Realtor has relationships with lenders, title companies, and will help guide you and your transactions through the process with ease, and without unexpected setbacks.
  • Objectivity – defined as “absence or lack of bias, open-minded, and neutral”. Your Realtor has the ability to stay unemotional with regard to your property sale, supporting you with regard to what needs to happen in order to be ready to sell your property.

Realtors are here to provide peace of mind. You will know that you have someone looking out for your best interests, and that we will be there helping you navigate through the complexities of your real estate transaction.

Considerations when selling your property

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Good marketing sets your property apart and using multiple forms of marketing will help your property attract prospects. Good photos, newspaper, website presence, social media are just a few sources that your real estate professional should have at their disposal to support your listing.

Asking price can often be an emotional experience. Your Real Estate professional/appraiser can offer you an objective point of view on market value of your property through area knowledge, property comparison and local market trend. Setting your property at a competitive price helps minimize “on-market” time while at the same time optimizing the value from the sale.

Taking steps to clean and present a well-maintained home will help to tell a story that prospective buyers will be interested in hearing. In addition, arranging a professional inspection prior to selling your home will provide prospective buyers confidence and allow them to focus on seeing themselves in your home.

Think about what you will include in the sale and what may need to be specifically excluded in the listing and potentially in the purchase agreement. Often sellers list their properties and have not been specific and are surprised at closing when a favorite light fixture or ceiling fan is no longer their property.

Not all improvements to your home will pay you back when the offer comes in. Prior to moving forward with improvements, secure a written estimate from your contractor with regard to work cost, and discuss the potential changes with your real estate professional who can help you make the right decision with regard to cost-effectiveness of the improvements you are considering.

Sellers should plan to spend some time with their Realtor search. Getting to know the agent and understanding how they and their office will work to sell your property is important to your peace of mind.

Realtors should walk you through the type of listing, cost associated with listing, and duration of listing agreement. These numbers can all vary and should be openly discussed with you as the seller.

Many sellers believe the first offer will be one of many to come, hoping to hold out for a better offer, especially if the first offer comes quickly after listing. Do not let how quickly the offer came in determine your decision to accept it or not.

The contract you sign to sell your property is a complex legally binding document. An improperly written contract can allow the purchaser to void the sale or cause you to incur unnecessary costs. Have your Realtor fully explain the contract or have your lawyer review it prior to acceptance.

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